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Nursing Education

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Health Career Fun and Games.


Click on the image of the picture you would like and then you can print it and color it in. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader. If you don't already have it you can download the reader for free, just click on the link below. Once you have the Acrobat reader you can click on pictures you want to color below, print them and you are ready to color. Have fun!

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This is Harriot, she is a Dentist. Dentists help you care for your teeth and teach you how to brush and floss so that your smile lasts a long, long time.
This is Dr. Bob, he is a Doctor. Doctors diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. Doctors do many things. They perform tests and examinations and they prescribe medicines to help you get well.
This is Barry, he is an Emergency Medical Technician. Emergency Medical Technicians respond very quickly to ill or injured people. They use specially equipped vehicles called ambulances.
This is Howie the Health Care Hound. Howie the Health Care Hound is the mascot of the MHA Health Careers Center. His job is to tell you all about health care and help you to sniff out a good career.
This is Mindy, she is a Health Information Technologist. Health Information Technologists are responsible for organizing medical records for each patient. They make sure that all the forms are filled in and filed properly.
This is Nicholas, he is a Medical Technologist. Medical Technologists perform very important tests in laboratories to help detect and diagnose disease.
This is Michael, he is a Nurse. Nurses help patients to feel better. They also take their temperature and blood pressure and do many other things to care for sick people.
This is Sarah, she is a Pediatric Nurse. Pediatric Nurses take care of sick children. They take their temperature, give them medicine, and do many other things to help sick children get better.
This is Toby, he is a Pharmacist. Pharmacists dispense prescription medications to patients to help them get well.
This is Melissa, she is a Physical Therapist. Physical Therapists help patients recover from illness and injuries. They help people relieve pain and restore proper muscle function.
This is Robert, he is a Radiological Technologist. Radiological Technologists use x-ray equipment to diagnose disease or injuries. They take pictures of inside your body so they can see what’s wrong and help you get better.
This is Paul, he is a Respiratory Therapist.  Respiratory Therapists help treat and care for patients who have breathing disorders.


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